Create an MSI for your Surface solution.

by Semper IT Services 2. April 2012 13:27

On the "Surface Application Design and Development" forum somebody asked how to install his application on a device. Since I have done this in the past for a couple of applications I gave it a try for Surface 2 as well.

At the time I created the MSI I used a excellent blog post from the Surface team:

I changed it a bit to make it suitable to my situation. Based on my old code base I changed a couple of things to make it work for Surface 2.

In order to be able to build the MSI you need to install WIX on your development environment, I use version 3.5.

Please make sure you change the provided example to your needs. On several places in the WIX files a GUID needs to be set, generate new GUID's for every single one of them! Make sure all of them are unique in all of your applications.

Here is the example solution: (2,23 mb)

I hope this example solution can help out a lot of you.

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